Rod Douglas

My father died recently, I wrote a eulogy, this is it

Rod Douglas was born in 1947, suspiciously about one week after Aleister Crowley, famous British occultist and believer in reincarnation, died. I’m not linking the two but it’s worth remembering.

He died in August this year, so I wrote a eulogy, you’re welcome to read it…

Bill Hicks: Legend

What would he be saying were he still alive

Virtually unknown in the states and only ever really moderately famous in the UK, Bill Hicks was a fearless genius who’s comedy, even now, resonates.

What he said about the human condition and the way in which it affects and corrupts those that achieve was particularly enlightening to me.

Jeff Minter: Futurist

The man that predicted my future

Jeff Minter wrote an article for Commodore Computing International back in 1988 that predicted Google Earth, touch interfaces, the Microsoft Surface and that Atari would be the company that would do it all.

If it wasn’t for that last bit, I’d be hailing him as a modern day Nostradamus. Oh well…

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